I Think It’s Time To Ditch Firefox and Move To Google Chrome

I think the last straw has been drawn and I’m no longer going to use Firefox as my default web browser any more. The rapid release cycle decision only played a small part in my decision, the main reason is the fight to remove versioning numbers from the browser about box, seriously? Instead of talking […]

Apple Parts Factory Explosion, 3 Dead, People More Concerned About iPad 2 Wait Time

There was an explosion at a factory in Taiwan last week, the factory just so happened to be a Foxconn owned factory that manufactures Apple parts including those for the new iPad 2, did you hear? DOES THAT MEAN WE ALL HAVE TO WAIT LONGER FOR AN IPAD 2 NOW!!!!?

Dear Microsoft: It’s 2011, Please Stop Restarting My Computer After Applying Updates

Remember back in the day maybe late 90′s / early 00′s when you installed Windows automatic updates and you had to restart your PC after they were done? It’s 2011 and yet I still have to restart my machine after some new Windows hotfix downloads, why? I propose a soft reset instead. All your programs […]

Apple Is A Prime Example Of What Is Wrong With Our World

A deadly earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, severe flooding in North Queensland, Australia a magnitude 9.0 earthquake in Japan and a Japanese nuclear reactor in the process of a meltdown. What does this all mean? Not much apparently to the thousands of Apple zealots who waited in line to buy an iPad 2. Yes I […]

If Piracy Is Hurting The Entertainment Industry, Why Do They Making Record Profits?

The entertainment industry nerds and bigwigs are always proclaiming that piracy is hurting box office sales and that everyone is stealing money from these massive Hollywood conglomerates, so why is it that for years now the entertainment industry has been making massive profits from movie ticket and DVD sales? I mean if these companies have […]

Twitter Announces Its Own Url Shortener, Bit.ly Is DOA (Dead On Announcement)

CEO Evan Williams has confirmed Twitter plans to launch its own link shortener on stage during the last Q&A session at Chirp, and it will be replacing Bit.ly as the default url shortener.

Apple to Adobe: Nice Try, But Fuck You

Adobe is only days away from releasing CS5, one of the features of Flash CS5 is the ability to compile Flash to native iPhone applications. Not any more, Apple have gone and changed their SDK developer licence terms to ban applications compiled using a cross-compiler (Flash CS5 is a cross-compiler). Read on for more info.