I Think It’s Time To Ditch Firefox and Move To Google Chrome

I think the last straw has been drawn and I’m no longer going to use Firefox as my default web browser any more. The rapid release cycle decision only played a small part in my decision, the main reason is the fight to remove versioning numbers from the browser about box, seriously? Instead of talking […]

Apple Parts Factory Explosion, 3 Dead, People More Concerned About iPad 2 Wait Time

There was an explosion at a factory in Taiwan last week, the factory just so happened to be a Foxconn owned factory that manufactures Apple parts including those for the new iPad 2, did you hear? DOES THAT MEAN WE ALL HAVE TO WAIT LONGER FOR AN IPAD 2 NOW!!!!?

Dear Microsoft: It’s 2011, Please Stop Restarting My Computer After Applying Updates

Remember back in the day maybe late 90′s / early 00′s when you installed Windows automatic updates and you had to restart your PC after they were done? It’s 2011 and yet I still have to restart my machine after some new Windows hotfix downloads, why? I propose a soft reset instead. All your programs […]