Apple Parts Factory Explosion, 3 Dead, People More Concerned About iPad 2 Wait Time

There was an explosion at a factory in Taiwan last week, the factory just so happened to be a Foxconn owned factory that manufactures Apple parts including those for the new iPad 2, did you hear? DOES THAT MEAN WE ALL HAVE TO WAIT LONGER FOR AN IPAD 2 NOW!!!!?

So, I Just Bought My First iPhone, Ever.

Everyone has an iPhone these days. Ever since the first iPhone came out back in 2007 with no MMS support and no copy/paste I have never owned an iPhone, until now.

Apple Is A Prime Example Of What Is Wrong With Our World

A deadly earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, severe flooding in North Queensland, Australia a magnitude 9.0 earthquake in Japan and a Japanese nuclear reactor in the process of a meltdown. What does this all mean? Not much apparently to the thousands of Apple zealots who waited in line to buy an iPad 2. Yes I […]

The New iPad 2 Sucks

You heard me: the new iPad sucks. Just like the previous iPad now also formerly known as the now “less cool iPad”, the new one is just as crappy as the old. The iPad 2 has a faster processor and two cameras, that’s hardly worth the high price tag of the iPad nor is it […]

Shut Up About the iPad 2 Already, Sheesh

What the hell is wrong with everyone? You included. Everyone seems to be speculating, masturbating and frothing at the mouth over the possibility of a new iPad being announced Marc 2nd, 2011. What the hell is the big deal? CNET, a whole bunch of news websites and of course MG Siegler from TechCrunch (no surprise […]

Pocket Hipster: An iPhone app for hipsters everywhere

Released today into the Apple app store is the Pocket Hipster app from Josephmark, We Are Hunted and The Echo Nest. In a nutshell it’s a simple application with hand drawn animated hipsters insulting you, talking hipster gibberish about eBay and gluten free cupcakes. You can ask the hipster in question to critique a random […]

A Fix For Low AirTunes Volume in Itunes 10

Did you upgrade to iTunes 10 and discover that when you connect to your AirTunes what once was normal volume levels are now non-existent? I spent days trying to find out the problem.

Why Do Some Designers & Developers Insist On Using A Mac

Do Mac’s give you any kind of advantage over a PC? Do they let you do your job better than a PC allows you to do? Find out.

Opera Mini Approved For the iPhone, Anyone Else Shocked?

Apple are pretentious bipolar snobs as of late; being spiteful to Adobe, angering developers and making an announcement of a new iPhone OS that won’t be available to people with older iPhones or iPod Touches. So would someone please tell me why they’ve allowed the Opera Mini browser into the AppStore?

iPhone Multitasking: The Real Reason Apple Finally Implemented It

Apple have announced multitasking in the forthcoming iPhone OS 4, but they also announced something called, ‘iAd’ which is a new mobile advertising network set-up by Apple to allow developers to put ads into their apps that can pop-up using multitasking and then allow the user to close them and return to their game or whatever it is they were in.