Ladies And Gentlemen, I Present To You Bubble 2.0

For those who’ve been in the game long enough to remember, the original dot-com bubble burst only happened around 2000 and proceeded into 2001 you might notice some parallels to the lead-up to the great bubble burst; crazy valuations, way overpriced purchases, IPO’s and investment capital thrown around like confetti and what has been happening […]

Apple Parts Factory Explosion, 3 Dead, People More Concerned About iPad 2 Wait Time

There was an explosion at a factory in Taiwan last week, the factory just so happened to be a Foxconn owned factory that manufactures Apple parts including those for the new iPad 2, did you hear? DOES THAT MEAN WE ALL HAVE TO WAIT LONGER FOR AN IPAD 2 NOW!!!!?

Apple Is A Prime Example Of What Is Wrong With Our World

A deadly earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, severe flooding in North Queensland, Australia a magnitude 9.0 earthquake in Japan and a Japanese nuclear reactor in the process of a meltdown. What does this all mean? Not much apparently to the thousands of Apple zealots who waited in line to buy an iPad 2. Yes I […]

Obama Proves He Is an RIAA Lapdog

You all remember the slogans, the fancy and influential spruiking that it was time for real change to come to America and it did in the form of a very likeable (and marketable) family man by the name of Barack Obama. Oh, he’s brought change alright. Pockets full of change to corrupt banks and power […]

A Fix For Low AirTunes Volume in Itunes 10

Did you upgrade to iTunes 10 and discover that when you connect to your AirTunes what once was normal volume levels are now non-existent? I spent days trying to find out the problem.

Facebook Are Trying To Register The Word ‘Face’ As a Trademark, wtf seriously?

What do you get when you take a dateless college nerd who used to spend their days in their dorm room programming websites while his friends were out parting? Mark Zuckerberg. What do you get when said nerd builds a site that gets popular and is called Facebook? A tyrannous nerd on a power high trying to hold onto the lavish lifestyle he has obtained by suing everyone he can and trying to trademark the word ‘face’ because he is scared to go back to being a poor student who nobody likes or has sex with.

Opera Mini Approved For the iPhone, Anyone Else Shocked?

Apple are pretentious bipolar snobs as of late; being spiteful to Adobe, angering developers and making an announcement of a new iPhone OS that won’t be available to people with older iPhones or iPod Touches. So would someone please tell me why they’ve allowed the Opera Mini browser into the AppStore?

You Know Copyright Laws Are Fucked Up When World War 2 Veterans Must Pay To Sing War Songs

A bunch of World War 2 veterans, you know the ones that stopped a bunch of countries from being fucked up by Germans & the Japanese and whatnot a few years ago? put on a free concert last year and sang some war songs. Now they are being told by some collection society that they must pay royalties for singing the songs in public.