How To Check And Get The Post Thumbnail Outside Of The WordPress Post Loop?

Last updated: September 16, 2014

Recently I needed to get a post thumbnail in a WordPress project I was working on where using the function setup_postdata() would not work for me. The has_post_thumbnail() function does not accept any parameters and the_post_thumbnail() only accepts the size and an array of attributes.

Checking for the existence of a post thumbnail outside of a loop

WordPress has a function called get_the_post_thumbnail() which as you can guess, gets the post thumbnail and accepts two arguments: the first argument is the post ID and the second is the optional image size.

Under the return values section, the WordPress documentation lists that the featured image will be returned if found or an empty string.

This means we can check if we have a featured post thumbnail using a check like the following:

        We have a post thumbnail...

Displaying the post thumbnail outside of the loop

Now we can check if it exists, we can add the function to our markup:

A complete example of showing the post thumbnail outside of the loop inside of a foreach




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