So… Ellislab Is Looking For A New Owner For Codeigniter

Recently I asked Ellislab some questions, not too long ago about the future of Codeigniter. The answers I was given essentially led on Ellislab had a vision and plan for Codeigniter with no talk of giving the brand to someone else because they no longer want to maintain it. But recently Ellislab announced they’re looking for a new Codeigniter owner and can no longer maintain the framework, contradicting some of the responses that I received.

While I can’t say I am surprised given the lack of momentum the past year and a bit on the project, the very fact Ellislab essentially lied to me really says a lot about their company.

Maybe I am overreacting and maybe I’m just bitter my favourite PHP framework could potentially fade away into the nothing if a) they can’t find anyone willing to take the framework or b) have unrealistic expectations/demands that jeopardises the sale or transfer.

I understand where Ellislab are coming from, maintaining a free project costs money when you’re in the business of keeping the lights on and paying salaries it’s a no brainer you choose the paid work over the free stuff. This is just very saddening news. I also appreciate instead of shutting down Codeigniter they’re extending an opportunity for someone to continue on with the framework. Good for them giving the framework a chance to continue on and get the attention it deserves.

In the process of all of this I’m perhaps a bit bitter because my sign of good faith of contacting Ellislab and giving them a chance to dispel rumours and have a say when everyone was doubting them, bagging the framework and calling Codeigniter stale has been thrown in my face.

My original post makes me look like an idiot. My faith in the framework has been betrayed, surely the thought of changing ownership was on their lips at that point in time, a decision like this isn’t made in a day (or was it?). I’ve been given the corporate run around and well, that hurts. It’s not Codeigniter’s fault though.

Maybe I’m being selfish, maybe I’m overreacting, but the very fact now remains: a framework I advocated for, a framework I contributed to and built libraries for, wrote tutorials and helped people on the forums, I’ve lost faith in. The future is uncertain; what if they don’t find a buyer? What if the new buyer ruins the framework? What if Codeigniter one day just loses the fight and fades away into obscurity?

For these very reasons, I am quitting Codeigniter. Maybe I’ll check out what the new owners do with it (if Ellislab are even telling the truth when they say they’re selling it). But I’ve lost faith in Codeigniter, all of my current projects I’ll be moving to Kohana.

5 responses to “So… Ellislab Is Looking For A New Owner For Codeigniter”

  1. Dave Bowman says:

    Man, wait, what the framework has to do with the corporate bullshit of its creators? Codeigniter didn’t go about and betray us, Ellislab did.

  2. DaveYouNoob says:

    Wow Dave you are a fucking idiot. Dwayne is mad and rightly so Ellislab obviously lied in their answers and made a fool of him. I know that post he wrote got a lot of attention and I saw a lot of people discussing it throughout the community.

    Not once did I get the impression that Dwayne was saying Codeigniter betrayed him, he’s wiping his hands clean of the framework and the company originally associated with it… Simple in my mind.

    I’m moving to Laravel personally, but I started moving away a little while ago. Lets see who remembers Ellislab in a year or so after they get rid of Codeigniter…

  3. Dwayne says:

    It’s alright, settle down everyone. “DaveYouNoob” I appreciate the defence mate, but you probably overdid the aggression in that comment a bit. I’m sure you meant well.

    I’m not bitter towards the Codeigniter framework, read back on my post history and check out my Github profile and you’ll see I obviously love the framework. As “DaveYouNoob” put it, I’m wiping my hands clean of the Codeigniter framework. I’m not mad Ellislab have decided to transfer the brand to someone else, I’m mad they weren’t upfront with the fact when I gave them a public opportunity to set the record straight and they didn’t.

    I’ll eventually get over it, but I’m no longer going to use a framework or invest any more time into something that might not even have a future (nobody has taken over Codeigniter just yet and there’s no guarantee Ellislab will find someone). Kohana seems like a good alternative, the community is passionate and in control of its direction and is regularly updated.

  4. Alicia says:

    I’m a bit leary of continuing with Codeigniter. I use it as our corporate backbone, so security is an issue and if no one is updating and it falls into the cracks of the webverse, well it’s not good. We’ve been in the discussion of moving web servers and once that happens I’ll be able to happily convert everything to Laravel. I just couldn’t make wrap my head around Kohana. Laravel works for me and I hope (and can’t wait) to start using it regularly at work.

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