Looks like Coinex.pw might have been hacked

Last updated: June 28, 2017

The End

As much as everyone hoped that Coinex would make a comeback the exchange is now gone for good. Erundook aka Vitaly and CaptainFuture have vanished from the face of the Earth.

Rumour has it all valuable coins were dumped on Cryptsy shortly after the site went offline.

Let the below serve as a reminder, a chunk in time where people once again lost crypto because of an insecure site and immature owners. Trust no one in the crypto game.

Unfinal conclusion

Seems Coinex are stopping people withdrawing their coins and yet, still accepting deposits. They’ve gone quiet to questions and stopped publicly informing people.

So, due to popular demand, the contents have been reinstated containing Vitalys details in hopes he addresses issues over at Coinex publicly once more.

Final update: conclusion

Holy shit. Hell has frozen over. Coinex has indeed returned, although not at full capacity and not with everyone’s coins. A ethical hacking test and security audit will apparently be taking place shortly by NCC Group. We still have no explanation as to what happened, how it happened and reassurance it won’t happen again. Hopefully the security audit helps.

Erundook issues an update 28/3/2014

Hi all,

We have managed to gather about 50% of missing funds in bitcoins, we will be buying missing altcoins with them this weekend. After some calculations we came to a conclusion that 50% is a fair number to resume exchange operation and if all the users wont withdraw their funds right away, we can keep it running using fee incomes to get the second missing part covered with them. We also called several security audit companies to do an audit for coinex. We’re sorry for this to take so long but it should be understandable that recovering a business from this point is really ALOT of work. I am personally a rare guest at forums and other chats since chatting doesnt really help to get it back to life, it only takes time from getting the actual things done.

Again, I am personally giving my apologies for bad estimates about restoring our services, this is a tough thing to try and estimate time for it as it depends on too much factors, like altcoin markets not being deep enough to buy in alot of coins missing from our exchange.

Another personal note: as a try to gather more funds, I am selling my GPU farm now which is 24x Radeon HD 7990 and I will be happy to send it anywhere around the world and accept bitcoins as a payment method. Those bitcoins will go to cover the coinex losses, too. You can find a pic of my rigs attached, you can buy the whole rigs or just the cards as you wish.

Also, if anyone wants to donate to help coinex get back to life, here’s the BTC addy to do that:

Thanks for your patience,
– erundook

Another response from Erunook. Still no answers, but at last, a not-so vague response from Erundook. The whole situation still feels like a joke, “but we will definitely do it this week” still feels like a lie. A presentation was promised, no such presentation seems to exist yet.

So many remaining questions. No promised presentation. At least talk of a refund figure is finally coming out of Vitaly’s mouth, but still no action has been taken. It has been all talk, no action and nothing to show for it.

Coinex Twitter issues an update 25/3/2014

This situation is becoming a joke. Empty promises being made by Coinex repeatedly, only a few days left of the week before they need to back up their words or die by the sword.

Erundook issues another update 23/3/2014

CoinEx will start refunding accounts next week. Keep calm & carry on.

Another ambiguous update from Erundook about the Coinex situation. Still no explanation what happened, what coins were stolen, who stole the coins, how they were stolen and if the site will be making a return. This situation is a joke and by no means any reasonable way to handle a theft of potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars.

More importantly, how are the funds being refunded, with what money? The details are scarce on the situation. Maybe Erundook is waiting for his fake passport to arrive so he can flee the country.

If all coins are not returned within 7 days from this date, all of the investigative information obtained on Erundook will be permanently restored and further efforts to get more information on Erundook will be undertaken.

Erundook issues another update 20/3/2014

Another update.

Initial 24h timeframe was a bit too optimistic, we need more time to catch up.
While we’re waiting for an answer from a few investors, we came up to another idea which could bring much more trust into the bitcoin community.

Long story short: an insurance company for Bitcoin-based services.

More will come soon, keep calm & carry on.

– erundook

Looks like Erundook has realised fixing the issues aren’t as easy as they seem. All we have are words at the moment and no more detailed announcement as promised within 24 hours of the previous announcement. Another post has been made on Bitcointalk forums.

Considering Bitcoin is backed by nothing, I find it a little hard to believe any kind of insurance for Bitcoin could work. What about the other coins Coinex.pw allow you to trade, are they insured too? Not everyone owns Bitcoin, a lot of Dogecoin holders use/used Coinex as well.

How about instead of dreaming up new ways of taking peoples money by making them pay for insurance policies, that Erundoon and co fix the site issues and give people back their stolen coins. Then and only after giving everyone back what they’re owed, then they can start dreaming up new ponzi schemes to further capitalise on the insecure nature of crypto.

To be honest, even if there was an insurance plan exchanges could take out for their exchanges, it wouldn’t have helped Coinex? If an exchange fails to ensure the site is secure to the best of their abilities and they’ve paid an expert to audit the site and ensure it’s fit for trading, no insurance company would pay out any money to a service like Coinex.pw who failed to even have basic security. What happens if the insurance company gets hacked and they have no Bitcoin to pay out claims?

Erundook issues an update 19/3/2014

Please stop posting FUD about CoinEx, we will issue an announcement within next 24hrs about how we are going to handle the situation.

Long story short: yes, our wallet server got hacked and all funds were withdrawn.

Please read back to the beginning of this thread, we had such a problem before and *returned all the stolen funds from our own pockets*. Before this hack happened, we also had several attacks that lost funds and we silently covered those from our fees.

For those who was stalking me at internets: thats true, i was trying to hide/delete my accounts. At the very first moment i saw zero balance at our bitcoin wallet i knew this was coming. And it scared the shit out of me. Hope you can understand that.
About me selling bitcoins at localbitcoins.com: thats true too. I have 33mh/s scrypt gpu mining farm, I have >50% of coinex fees + I get % from cryptostocks share sells. Nothing criminal here again.

So again, please calm down. We are not doing a runner.

The only way i can see to restore this is to sell more shares at cryptostocks to cover the losses *and to hire a professional security audit team to prevent this from happening again*.
Long story short, we’re covering this from our own pockets again.

– erundook

Erundook has issued an update here on Bitcointalk. In the post he confirms all coins were stolen and he was trying to delete his online presence because he freaked. He specifically calls out this blog post, which to me appears to signal that he felt like he had no choice to make a public statement out of fear what the below information would be used for. I am proud of the fact we potentially stopped a hit-and-run situation here and people will hopefully get all of their coins back.​

It’s great after 2 days we got a public response, but at the end of the day is it good enough? Is the problem really resolved? We’ll have to wait and see. This is the second time Coinex has been hacked, will they cover the losses on the subsequent third time they get hacked?

Not to mention the alarming admission that they’ve secretly covered other losses on the site as a result of being hacked, word-for-word: “we also had several attacks that lost funds and we silently covered those from our fees.” — it is great they covered those losses, but the fact they haven’t disclosed potentially tens of attacks is alarming and a real insight into how poorly managed (security wise) Coinex really is.

What is the recourse from all of this? Are people honestly expected to just move on and pretend the hack never happened? All wallets were hacked for a second time, all coins were taken and people are just going to let it slide. In the Bitcointalk thread people are talking of donations and cryptostocks. What will people say when it happens again?

It’s quite clear that Erundook and Coinex are much more concerned with pocketing the fees they collect then they are paying someone to maintain and secure the site. Security is a hard job, a proper security consultant can run upwards of hundreds of dollars per hour, do people honestly believe Erundook will pay someone anywhere near that to keep the site secure? I don’t know what to believe any more.

My advice would be to trade wisely and carefully, consider alternatives to Coinex as there are mounting piles of evidence it is not being run as a professional business  nor being taken seriously. Considering Coinex are trusted with hundreds of thousands of dollars in coins at any given time, the lack of care on their part is discerning.

As such, I redacted all information posted on Erundook. I still have it on hand, but if the situation is handled as Erundook says it will be, there is no longer a reason to keep the information public. We wanted an answer and we got one.

Back story

On the 16th of March I posted this blog post which contained some alarming clues as to why the crypto exchange Coinex.pw went down without notice. A vague Tweet was all we had to go on that said “Security issue, investigating” — nobody knew what was going on or what happened. People were seeing their coins moving around; Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Infinitecoin to name a few.

Immediately seeing what was going on, I started doing investigating.

I discovered Erundook the lead developer of the site was trying to erase his presence. His personal Twitter deleted, his Github account with site API documentation also deleted. Through some Google searches and cached pages, going back piece-by-piece, I was able to find out his real name, potentially where he lived, images of him and his location.

Although I was assuming the worse, I was keeping level-headed about it. I did what Erundook and Coinex failed to do: give customers information about what was happening. Even though Coinex had email addresses of all customers, they remained quiet. After what happened with Mt Gox, it would have caused them less headaches to just be upfront immediately.

If you use the exchange Coinex.pw it is looking like you might have lost your Bitcoins and or any other crypto coin you had on the exchange. Not long after Mt Gox went down, it looks like another exchange has potentially bitten the dust.

All we have is a Tweet from Coinex’s Twitter that says, “Security issue, investigating” and that’s it. The site currently says it is in maintenance mode, no other explanation has been given.

See images below in-case the site goes complete down and Twitter gets deleted:



Some private investigating seems to indicate Erundook aka Vitaly A. Sorokin has been trying to erase himself from the Internet. I am not confirming the site has been hacked or Erundook is somehow responsible, but it is not looking too good for the site nor the actions that have been taken thus far by the lead developer.

All information below was obtained with ease publicly in the form of Google searches and treating it a bit like a Where’s Wally search. No info was stolen or obtained by any nefarious means, all I did was find a piece of info and work my way backwards like anyone else could with minimal effort.

I will be continuing to update this post when I obtain any new information about the situation and will add/remove info accordingly based on what I discover. If it turns out Erundook is innocent in this situation, all evidence will be removed and a prompt apology will be issued. You can hold me to my word.

The clues so far:

  • Coinex.pw is down (including the API)
  • No explanation as to why other than a vague Tweet
  • Multiple people reporting they’re seeing their Bitcoin coins being split and sent to multiple wallets (following addresses in the blockchain)
  • Erundook has deleted his Twitter: https://twitter.com/erundook
  • He has also deleted his Github account: https://github.com/erundook (this contained the API documentation, etc)
  • User xman89 on Bitcointalk has posted info that he believes shows his Dogecoin on Coinex were sent to another wallet and then sent onwards again to other wallets.

What I’ve found on Erundook:




48 thoughts on “Looks like Coinex.pw might have been hacked

  1. The mining pools at CoinEx are still up. That may be a bad sign or a good sign. I have removed my miners and pointed them to other pools.

  2. Who knows at this stage what is going on Mike. Coinex have been very quiet on the Western front about this. It is not looking good for them or anyone who had Bitcoin/crypto on the exchange. I’m still digging deeper to see what else I can find.

  3. I love it when so called “devs” and “researchers” are the first to sling fud like this ill-written, mealy-mouthed article at the first sign of hiccups on a website.

  4. Am I the first one t notice the nick spells RUN DO OK.
    Hmm … might have noticed before I put coin there!

  5. Peter,

    Sorry you feel like that. I’m not claiming anything, I am simply practising due-diligence I’ve done some research based on publicly facing information and am presenting the facts and said pieces of info for others to make up their minds.

    You have to admit the situation looks pretty dire. People are seeing their BTC being moved and split into various wallets. The site is still inaccessible after 24 hours with no explanation, a vague Tweet. The lead developer has vanished and deleted a few of his profiles online with no explanation all of a sudden.

    You can’t blame me or anyone else for being concerned and cautious especially after what happened with Mt Gox. As I said, if it all turns out to be a misunderstanding, I will update this post and remove the evidence I’ve collected.

    Maybe I and the countless others concerned that Coinex.pw has fallen by the wayside are wrong and overreacting. If it turns out to be all nothing more than minor site issues, I will issue an apology and update the post, and you or anyone else for that matter can hold me to that. I’m not out to cover anyone in mud. I’m sorry you feel like that Peter.

  6. That ought to be enough info for a motivated hitman to find this guy.
    Hitman are cheap and easy to hire on the dark web.

    They’re coming for you erundook!

  7. I wouldn’t go as far as suggesting anyone order a hit on Erundook. In all serious, we’ve only got the pieces of the puzzle and we don’t know what has happened. While everything collected thus far seems to suggest foul play, we can’t know for sure.

    I know you don’t mean it “Matt Crap” but even suggesting a hit on Erundook or anyone affiliated with Coinex could constitute a threat. Play it smart and keep your head on, that goes for everyone. If anything were to happen to Vitaly or anyone else affiliated with Coinex, I would be compelled to hand over any information of a commenter to the authorities.

    The details if anything will come in handy if legal action needs to be taken. At least we have a real name and other pieces of info we can use if people want to pursue this further in a legal manner.

    Keep digging everyone and we’ll get to the bottom of this, just stay calm and think logically. Social Quantum appears to be a company he worked for from October 2011 to October 2012. I doubt they’ll have anything information or be of any help in this instance. Contacting close connections via LinkedIn is a great idea however.

  8. Are you kidding? If money was stolen by developes or developers want to go out of responsobility what can we do? I will not just stay away and look how my 20 btc was stolen. They will pay for that, I promice.

  9. Understandably everyone is upset by this, hence the blog post laying out the facts and everything I’ve found on the situation. I’ve had a gut feeling about Coinex the last few weeks when support tickets stopped being answered, CaptainFuture stopped being so active on the support front and withdrawals vanishing/people complaining of lost Bitcoins.

    Lets see how this plays out. At least we have what we’ve found thus far and although it paints a bleak picture, at least someone affiliated with Coinex won’t get away so easily no matter how hard he tries to delete his online presence.

    Sorry to hear you’ve potentially lost 20 BTC in this situation. Lets just all hope no coins have been lost or Coinex guarantees the stolen coins. Either way, we’ve made a lot of noise with this blog post, it’s spreading like wildfire and the noise only continues to grow louder, so Coinex will have to respond within the next 24 hours.

  10. Please collect as more informatioan as possible, becouse he will try wipe as many as he can.
    From my side I will contact to my remote connections in Russia who have FSB friends. I will pay for such measures. Just tired of stolen bitcoins.
    If this situation will not resolved Vitaly will get serious troubles and his family also.

  11. The suggestions of violence and hiring a hitman have to stop man. We have no proof, only circumstantial evidence and any suggestion that someone should be killed over this is just plain wrong no matter how many people have had their coins stolen. The suggestions of any harm coming towards his family are misguided and wrong. What do his family have to do with this?

    I wanted to help people get an understanding of the situation at hand. Make people feel as though even though Coinex is down and info is scarce, that someone has their back and has done the legwork (cached Twitter profiles, names, activity on LocalBitcoins, etc) to try and make someone who has potentially acted irresponsibly too known to hide or shun responsibility.

    I didn’t post this blog post so people could pass details onto a hitman, settle down. Please stop posting suggestions of harm or death upon someone in the blog comments. You’re just setting yourself up to take the fall if someone else harms Erundook, you’ll be blamed for it.

    We’ve all been affected lately in some way because of Mt Gox and now possibly Coinex on-top of exchanges like Cryptsy who also have had their fair share of problems. The crypto community need to band together and tackle this issue head-on in a legal and level-headed manner. Threatening to kill people solves nothing and doesn’t stop another exchange collapsing tomorrow.

    It has only been 24 hours, remain patient. We’ve surely got Coinex’s attention now and they’re probably in the process of writing up a media release I would imagine addressing the situation. It’s not the action that matters in this instance, it’s the result.

  12. Who said about killing?
    Creating a presure will resolve situation – for exemple he may sell the flat and pay his bills to affected peoples. Why not? I see no reason from my side to stop.

  13. Dwayne, looks like you are going to be guilty of complicity for violence against Vitaly A Sorokin. Which you think is the core dev of coinex.pw without proper proof. The judge is going to like this …

    coinex.pw has been offline in the past for more than just 24 hours (like days around last xmas) without any notice.

    So stop the ratfucking (character assassination).

  14. This is a ripe situation.

    I agree that it’s only been a little over a day, so it’s hard to come to any clear conclusions yet.

    But at the same time, the complete lack of updates beyond a very vague “security issues, investigating” does nothing to help. It would not kill them to be a little more fourth coming, especially if accounts were compromised.

    I can sorta understand the github being taken down. If you were hacked, the last thing you want to do is leave detailed information on how the system works online. Maybe they are playing it safe, maybe the hack came via the API? Speculation on my part, we don’t know.

    But why is his twitter account gone too? There is no legitimate reason to make it harder to communicate with you if you are on the up and up and working to make things right. In lieu if the MtGox situation, it should be common knowledge that people just want real information, even if it’s bad. Hiding will only make a bad situation worse, and they are hiding. Even if he is innocent and is working on the issue, the lack of communication after what, 30+ hours now, will not gain him any benefit of the doubt, nor instill any warm fuzzy feeling in the users/stock holders who at present have no reason to assume anything else then they were Goxed.

    I would like to believe things will work out, but I’m not going to be blind to how this is progressing. It doesn’t look good at all, and that is THEIR fault.

  15. I checked Coinex’s twitter and they were down since Nov. 30th till December 9th without giving any sign of life. It doesn’t make me feel any better now, as I have my founds at stake, but at least there was one such a situation in the past from which Coinex reemerged. Which way it will go now – don’t have the slightest idea.

  16. @ uki. Uh, no, their twitter feed says no such thing. They were only down for a few hours on Dec 9th. I know because I’ve been using them a lot longer. This is the FIRST time they have ever gone AWOL for more than a few hours.

  17. @Robert
    I have been using coinex only last two months, so I do not have any further knowledge of earlier events, beyond what it says on twitter. And there you have the message from Nov. 30th: “We are working on some issues. Please be patient till these issues are solved.” and then the very next message on Dec. 9th: “coinex down right now. we are working to solve some issues.”
    That is why, I thought this was the break.

    Also, last time they were down for 72h due to maintenance they announced it beforehand (on Dec. 13th).

  18. correct me if I was wrong but if he is Russian and coin ex was in russia server wise etc could it be a matter of the local authorities have shut the place down as very short notice remember the BTC banned there. Just a thought and putting it out there….

  19. For each person the last payment goes to God. Can also be the deceiver persecuted, murdered and dan go to the devil. Better Placing your coins on a shaky old Windows XP system, it is still safer than on these exchanges.

  20. Maintenance and security issues happens, especially if you’re running a site on which money flows. What scares me is that short tweet & error message on coinex: no explanation, no follow-through, no reassuring messages from staff.
    Let’s hope for the best, it’s starting to stink bad…

  21. Wake up and smell the geopolitical wargames people.

    Read the news, and set up a bitcoin fund so Erundook and CaptainFuture can get out of the country to someplace more cryptocoin-friendly.

    This whole mob mentality is doing the bad guys job for them. The mafia doesn’t need to hire hitmen anymore, they just break some legs to get passwords, make it look like coins were stolen, and let the lynch mob do the dirty work.

  22. He removed his linkedin profile and vkontakte.
    Vitaly if you read this – Removing your data from internet will not help from you. It will bring to you only problems.
    Guys, time to action. Or you will just look how such persons stole your money?

  23. 2hozer

    Vitaly is this you?
    Oblivious to say that removing ALL data from internet looks quite suspicious.
    For me there is enough evidences for some measures.

  24. No update from Coinex….no answers…..it is all clear !!!

    Coinex hacked him self !
    As all exchanges hack itself !

    Mining servers online, mine for this poor Coinex guys …. they still have not enough Coins.
    This Coinex Guys will get statement of God …. sure…sure….sure.

    They do not believe in God and they have secured their place in hell.

  25. It’s very obvious that the chance of coinex ever coming back online is less than 1%. Anyone that is sticking up for coinex or this dev is clearly affiliated with coinex or a troll that has no coins on coinex exchange. The nerve of them still having the pools up and mining is just ludicrous though.

  26. Just read that thread.

    You got to hand it to Erundook and Captain Future, they certainly appear to be men of their word.

    In the world of Eve we have a saying, “If you can’t afford to loose it, don’t fly it.” I think we need more trader education and a quote, “If you can’t afford to loose it, don’t keep it on an exchange.”

    That said, you folks realize that this hack happened within a day or two of CoinEx implementing the option of 2FA?

    This hack was the work of that dastard who continually trolled the troll box with a fishing scam for weeks. By the time he was ready to spring he leveraged dozens, maybe hundreds of passwords into access to the wallet somehow.

    The guys at coinex really need a professional security team and one can only hope that we as users are willing to pay a bit more for that.

    I wish them well and I will be pointing my miners back to their site.

  27. Post has been updated with the new announcement. Anyone else feel less safe about storing their coins at Coinex after reading that public announcement though?

    He admitted he tried erasing his online identity, he admitted all coins were stolen. No offence, but that’s a bad way to handle the situation. Instead of updating everyone publicly, he waited two days and in the process tried deleting as much of himself from the Internet as possible.

    Just because he’s told the truth doesn’t make the situation alright. Are people going to trust their coins with an exchange that’s been hacked twice now and is run by someone who’s first thought is to run at the first sign of trouble? They might have taken the fall for this once more, but what about when it happens again? Will they cover that as well?

    I would be furious if my bank lost any of my cash two times in a row and their instinct was to run and erase existence of their identities. It appears this blog post was the only thing stopping Erundook from vanishing completely. The fact he calls this post out on a few occasions to me signals that if the digging wasn’t done on his identity, he would have nothing to fear and would he have issued a public statement? Maybe so, maybe not.

    We only have Erundook’s word for the moment. Whether or not he follows through with his promise to absorb the loss remains to be seen. This is a start, but by no means a definitive conclusion to the situation at hand.

  28. Regardless what happens it was still unprofessional to give the community no information this whole time especially with what happened with mt gox recently. This blog certainly helped provide pressure for them to give us information so kudos to this blog. I certainly understand their view of not wanting to release much info as well and such but just saying security issue for several days was way too brief lol. Anyhow I think it will be resolved and I for one will donate a few % when it comes back up because its invaluable to have a pool/exchange that takes responsibility, so I will certainly help them as well.

  29. Dwayne,
    thanks for updating the post.
    Just to make things clear, I am not saying we are out of the woods, as of yet. We are very far from there. But we got the info from the guy running the exchange, for which we were all waiting. And that is already a good sign. Now, let them work and get the things straight.

    Now, as for your example with bank. I think it is simply not the best one, to say the least. Bank may be robbed more than twice, and I am sure most of the banks in the world were, and you will still trust it. It is simply that there are a lot of safety procedures in play that make the operations reversible, funds are insured, etc., with all that not being the case/ not being applicable in case of cryptos that are not regulated.

  30. Until the interim, I will be removing any identifying info that was dug up on Erudnook for the time being out of respect for the situation. If Coinex are truly going to fix this, there is no need for this information to remain visible.

    We wanted an answer, this post was to create loud noise and it worked. However, if the situation isn’t resolved, I will restore the contents of the article once more (hopefully it doesn’t come to that).

    I am in the process of writing a big article on crypto coin exchanges that will have tips/tricks for users and exchange operators. Topics ranging from how does an exchange work to what can you do to secure your coins.

  31. cept all the info on Vitaly is public and is easily accessed by anyone with half a brain and a few fingers.

  32. erundook is from russia, but everybody forgot captainfuture. He is from Austria/Vienna. So find him out is more easier. Ask some Austrian Cryptotraders, they will know him in this small community!

  33. and Dwayne, I am pretty sure you’ll need restoring the article contents. Erundook posted it right after his dumbass plan to disappear from the internet failed and details about his identity, workplace and location were collected. The fucker is stalling. Guilty until proven otherwise seems to be the way to go in the cryptoworld.

  34. You should repost the pictures and work details of the Coinex guy.
    He is still accepting bitcoin but not crediting to users accounts.
    No communication.
    He screwed us twice.

    TOTAL SCAMMER. Please put his info back up for the authorities to track him down.

    It does not pay to have sympathy for someone like this. He just used the time we gave him as a second chance to steal from us. He is probably doing a runner right now.

    Please repost Erindork info.

  35. 1: To the angry mod demanding his info be reposted so they can hunt him down. Ever hear of GOOGLE? His info is publicly accessible by googling his handle. Where do you think what was posted here before came from? Really, just how impatient, selfish and lazy IS everyone that no one, even those with a gripe, can’t make any effort at all themselves and expect everything to be spoon fed to them.

    2. How impatient and selfish is everyone that no one cares to remember what was said and why the site is back up. They were only ever able to get half of everyone’s funds. The other half has to come from funds the exchange gets from it’s operation. Which will be nothing if all everyone wants to do is withdraw everything they have as soon as possible. Despite everyone doing exactly that, everyone still seems to think that only a couple of weeks time should be enough to earn back everyone’s money. It’s not. It will take MONTHS, and that’s with everyone actually using the exchange, which hardly anyone is.

    It’s completely possible to get your coins back, but you need to be willing to work with him towards that end. So long as everyone only gives a crap about themselves, and thinks ‘let the other guy’ do it, no one is going to get anything back.

  36. So am I just going to eat a pile of shit and get none of my funds back? If you have the answer to this question please contact me.

  37. Nobody knows to be honest, Beau. I haven’t heard a word about the owners, I know of a few people who lost coins on Coinex and will not get them back. It is incredibly messed up and I could see this coming from a mile away. I knew the first time they got hacked it was only a matter of time. Feel free to use the information in this blog post to track him down.

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