Does Writing Frequency Increase Your SEO?

If you are a frequent visitor to my blog you might have noticed the last couple of months, the last month in particular, my writing frequency on weekdays has been around two to three posts per day on a wide variety of subjects.

What you probably didn’t know is I have been running an SEO experiment this whole time to see if blog post frequency helps you rank higher in Google (as well as other search engines like Bing and Yahoo) based on a discussion I had with my SEO Edmonton company friend. Although I just wanted to write more as well.

The results were not all too surprising.

When I started the experiment, I was getting about 100 visitors per day (not bad for just some old random blog by a nobody like me). However, soon after I increased the frequency of my posts, I noticed a shift immediately. The traffic started steadily climbing and consistently increasing.

This blog went from 100 visitors per day (sometimes less) to getting between 600 – 700 visitors per day. Today I actually hit 720 hits and they’re still climbing, I think I’ll break into the 800’s sometime this week.

The answer is a resounding yes. If you write more frequently, Google will see this as fresh content and give you higher priority. There of course is more to it than that. If you’re a spam blog or site, no matter how often you post, if you’re not writing your own content, Google won’t care about you.

But not only that, some of my blog posts were deliberately targeted toward search keyboards and sentences I knew people would be looking for. If you can write timely content rich articles, you will notice a spike in traffic, albeit temporarily. If the Olympics are on for example and you write about a particular event and country, you will be deemed more important in the search results over less specific posts.

Once again, there are many other variables to factor in like links, the quality of the links, site age, etc. My experience has shown decent, well-written articles published frequently can help boost your SEO rankings.

PS. I will be continuing to write rather frequently. I will be travelling to the USA in the next two weeks for a little while, so I will write lots of blog posts about my experiences.

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