Introducing An App Developed Using The Aurelia CLI

I work a lot, so it was nice to get some downtime to play with the Aurelia CLI. Like many others of my generation, I have been caught up in the Pokemon Go hype. So I decided to build a simple app where you can plot where you have found Pokemon called:

The idea stemmed from the question: what if you could determine with close accuracy what area has what Pokemon and eventually work out when they would appear.

I am aware a lot of these apps are appearing, most of them seem to be focused on mapping where gyms and pokestops are located. I think knowing where to find unique and rare Pokemon is a lot more exciting to be honest.

The app itself was written in TypeScript, using the Aurelia RequireJS based CLI tool. It is hosted off of Github Pages, Cloudflare for the https and caching, with Firebase being used for both the authentication and data store behind the app itself.

To get something workable it took me a couple of hours and most of that time was spent getting the Google Maps and Firebase stuff to work nicely. Since then I’ve spent a little more time getting it to look nicer and work nicely as well.

The eventual goal is for to be able to tell you where you can find specific Pokemon. This of course depends on the crowdsourced data. So if you spot a Pokemon, record it in the app and eventually you might be able to track down that hard to find Hitmonchan.

Will you open source the code?

While I plan to continually improve, I will be open sourcing the code on Github for it shortly. I realise there aren’t many examples of functional Aurelia apps (especially using the CLI) which you can reference out there, so hopefully it helps you.

I just need to clean the code up first before releasing it. Make sure you star and watch the public repository here if you want to get your hands on the source code when it’s released (hopefully in a day or two).

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