Pokego.run: Now Open Source

Last updated: July 18, 2016

As promised, I have open sourced my quick Aurelia CLI project Pokego.run which you can find here if you just want the code and don’t want to keep on reading.

I am open sourcing the work I have done on this because I want to see the Aurelia Javascript framework grow and I realise there are not a lot of apps out there for reference which are public using Aurelia. Consider this a helpful learning exercise.

The app shows how to use Firebase in your Aurelia application as well as Google Maps. The styling is done using Sass, Autoprefixer for browser prefixes and CSSNano for reducing CSS size. The app itself is actually quite simple.

To setup the app and run it yourself you will need to create yourself a free Firebase account and project, you will also need a Google Maps API key (also free). The database creation is automatic, you’ll also want to make sure in Firebase under auth you enable Facebook and Google if you want to allow both methods of login.

Feel free to make pull requests with new features, fixes and whatever. If they’re beneficial, they’ll get merged in to the actual site.




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