Removing ads and starting a Patreon page

Ads have never sat well with me. For a while I have had them on this blog, because it gets a lot of traffic. However, inspired by Troy Hunt, I have decided to remove the Google ads and instead start a Patreon page where anyone can pay a monthly amount to “sponsor” me.

By no means are you under obligation to sponsor me. I realise the economy isn’t so kind to everyone, but for those who see the value in my content and would like to see more created on a regular basis, this is your chance.

I have added in some incentives for sponsoring me, including an I Like Kill Nerds mug (if you contribute $50 or more per month) which I’ll ship for free.

Tiers also include discounts on books and materials I create now and in the future as well as personalised Google Hangout calls, private chat room, stickers and more.

If you have ideas for more rewards, I’d love to hear them. But enjoy an ad free experience and faster site regardless. Also if you are a fan of Instagram buy Instagram video views and it will make the experience a lot more satisfying.

The funding page can be found here.

2 responses to “Removing ads and starting a Patreon page”

  1. Richard Simpson says:

    Supported! You should a badge or something like it so it’s clear for people who don’t see this post where they can go.

  2. Dwayne says:


    You’re a legend, thanks mate. That’s a good idea, I just realised it’s not really obvious to many, especially as the original post gets buried.

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