Sneak Peak: Aurelia Markdown Editor

Last updated: March 15, 2017

As many of you know, I have been working on an in-progress book on Aurelia titled Aurelia For Real World Applications for quite a while now.

Good news! the book is finally nearing its release and I’ve actually started working on the example applications chapter (amongst the others still in progress). This is probably the most anticipated chapter of the entire book for many readers.

One of those applications is a Markdown Editor that you can see running here. Shortly, owners of the book will be able to obtain the source code to this application and numerous other apps.

The idea behind these applications isn’t to hold your hand and build something step-by-step, it is to provide functional working applications built with Aurelia for you to learn off of.

The idea being you can get the code, run it and do whatever you like with it: even use the provided apps to build something of your own.

The Markdown Editor is a great example of working with third-party libraries; Commonmark, Bootstrap, Jspdf and more. While the styling might leave more to be desired, functionally it is pretty cool.

There is support for live Markdown preview, the ability to export; Markdown, HTML and PDF files as well as using localStorage for persisting files locally.

This is just an early look, the application will be cleaned up before the source code is made available to book owners.

I am aware of various little bugs I need to resolve before the code is made available to owners of the book. I just wanted to share what’s happening with the book at the moment.

Stay tuned for another application demo soon.

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