I Like Competitions

Kind of a strange post from what I usually post, but the last few months I have been addicted to entering online competitions.

The fact I have won a few great prizes in just a few months probably helps. I won a runner up prize which was an LG television and then I won a Weber Baby Q Titanium barbecue. I also scored a free double pass to see the movie Office Christmas Party complete with free drink and popcorn. The movie wasn’t that great, but it was a night out for me and my wife.

Oh, and I won a copy of Mafia III on PC as well. I haven’t played it yet but thought that was cool.

Then I won a Sony 4K action camera, a GoPro type device that can shoot stabilised 4k video. Just when I thought I’d peaked in terms of competition wins, as I was typing this post up I won something again: A Samsung Gear S3 Frontier smart watch. This is my first competition win for 2017. Then literally shortly after, I won a Kenwood Stand Mixer.

Every win motivates me to keep on entering competitions and I have found the best competitions are the “25 words or less competitions” where I pull out all the stops to win. I like writing and blogging, so the word competitions are naturally higher odds for me.

To summarise what I’ve won since October 2016:

  • Sony 4K action camera
  • Samsung Gear S3 Frontier smart watch
  • Weber Baby Q Titanium barbecue
  • LG TV
  • Mafia III PC

There is a downside to entering competitions and that is spam. I do get more spam email and I get spam phone calls as a result. Although, it is easy enough to unsubscribe from the emails and the phone calls are usually from unlisted private numbers (which I block on my phone anyway).

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