Webpack Support Lands In Aurelia CLI

Last updated: August 21, 2017

I have been waiting for this day to come for a long time now: the Aurelia CLI now supports scaffolding Webpack applications from scratch.

My biggest gripe with the skeletons the Aurelia team provide is they have a lot of stuff in them I have to remove for every new project.

Admittedly, the skeletons serve to showcase how a functional Aurelia application could look like — but make a lot of assumptions on things like using a router or Fetch to make HTTP requests.

Heavily driving the support for Webpack is core team member Jeroen Vinke who has made countless contributions and improvements to the CLI (amongst a few other developers).

To start scaffolding Webpack applications, make sure you update your CLI by installing the latest version: npm install -g aurelia-cli and going through the au new wizard process.

The CLI still lacks the ability to update your Aurelia applications using older versions of the CLI, so starting a new project and copying your files across is still the current approach for doing so (for now).




2 thoughts on “Webpack Support Lands In Aurelia CLI

  1. I have just installed the Auselia CLI and run au new.
    I am new to webpack, but would like to use it, but, I can see no indication that the project I just generated with au new is going to use webpack.
    How would I know it is set up to use webpack?

  2. Seems it was a problem of having 2 aurlia-clis (in “/usr/lib/node_modules” and “/usr/local/lib/node_modules”). Not sure how it happened, but removing them and installing them again seemed to work.

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