Announcing My New Book: Mastering Aurelia Store

I have been working with Aurelia Store these past few months and at one point, I decided that it would be a great idea to write a book on how to leverage the Aurelia Store plugin in your Aurelia applications.

I have been writing on and off for a while and the book now has enough content in it, that I am ready to announce the book. The book is just over 40% complete and keeping in line with how LeanPub operates, the book is a constant work in progress that will be published often. At present, I am publishing once per day.

This means you are buying a work in progress book, but I can tell you the information in it right now will help you if you’re looking to learn how to integrate Aurelia Store into your Aurelia applications as well as work with the underlying RxJS functionality of the store itself.

The book includes many working demos and source code already, and future chapters will equally have a tonne of demos and source code. I am the kind of developer who learns faster with example code, and I know many are the same.

If you have ever been curious how you go about implementing state management into an Aurelia application, or maybe have tried using existing solutions like Redux or MobX and found them intimidating, Aurelia Store is for you.

Buy the book here on LeanPub and pay what you want.

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