The Ultimate Programmer Super Stack

I generally avoid promoting things on my blog, but this month I am a part of the Infostack Ultimate Programmer Super Stack, my Aurelia book is a part of this fantastic bundle.

For $47.95 you get my Aurelia For Real World Web Applications book, as well as a few other programming books and courses. A whole wide variety of topics are covered, and if you’re like me, you lap these kinds of bundles up because you’re always hungry to learn something new.

The Ultimate Programmer Super Stack is a hand-curated collection of 25+ premium courses, bestselling ebooks, and bonus resources that will help new programmers as well as experienced ones.

One of my favourite additions to this bundle is the book Build APIs You Won’t Hate by Phil Sturgeon, which is a book I highly recommend every developer reads before they attempt to build an API. Because let’s be honest, API’s are complicated things to build and design right.

This is a time-limited bundle, so don’t sit on the fence for too long.

Grab the bundle here.

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