GitKraken “Could not find a compatible repository” Error Fix

I recently encountered an error in GitKraken after a bad merge occurred when trying to merge in some changes from the main development branch, whilst I had quite a few local changes that GitKraken usually automatically stashes for me.

My problem was I was using Bash Ubuntu on Windows, which has a nasty habit of locking files. The merge and stashing seemed to fail because in the changes I was attempting to merge in, some files were deleted.
I tried closing and reopening GitKraken, but it was clear that GitKraken wasn’t going to let me open up that repo again.

The fix

I realise this is a bit of a nuclear fix, but you’ll need to open up PowerShell to fix this. For me, it was simply a matter of navigating to the project directory and running: git reset --hard however, if you need changes, your repo will be interactable just fine on the command line.

As far as I could see with everything I tried, GitKraken won’t ever fix itself, the command line is the only solution. The above, once I ran it and opened up GitKraken it worked just fine again as nothing had happened.

2 responses to “GitKraken “Could not find a compatible repository” Error Fix”

  1. Mario says:

    I’ve had the same behavior of GitKraken. I found out that I had files nested too deeply and the path was exceeding Windows’ ~260 character limit. Maybe this will help someone 🙂

  2. Michael Krabbe Borregaard says:

    I have this behaviour on GitKraken, on a repository that I’ve had for years. It started after I created and pushed a tag using the CLI. No nested paths are very long, and `git reset –hard` did nothing to resolve the issue. `git status` is normal. Any ideas?

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