Some Small Blog Changes Preempting Aurelia 2

As Aurelia 2 draws near, I have made some changes to my blog. Acknowledging that many of you rely on my blog as a source of information and help with Aurelia 1, I have created an Aurelia 2 category and renamed the existing category to Aurelia 1.

This will hopefully alleviate any confusion that you might have when Aurelia 2 is released. While many of my Aurelia 1 articles will still be relevant, they might not always apply to the new version of Aurelia.

Until Aurelia 2 is released, these changes do not currently mean much. But, after release, they will.

Another change you might have noticed is a new theme. The existing theme served me well for years, but now, it is time to try something newer and still easy to read. I am using the Less theme.

One response to “Some Small Blog Changes Preempting Aurelia 2”

  1. Dan F says:

    The renaming of the category is rockin, should make it easier for things that are found through google – being able to tell “this is new” or “this is ancient history” will be great.

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