Google Chrome v79 Broke The Ability To Hover Variables In Developer Tools

Well, this is a pretty frustrating bug. The other day I and a few other people in my team noticed something peculiar while debugging some Javascript. The ability to hover over variables and function arguments in Chrome Developer Tools had stopped working.

At first, we thought this might have been a Webpack configuration issue or an update to one or more of our packages breaking the way in which Chrome parses our Javascript. The issue turned out to be Chrome itself. There is an issue recently created where many voice their frustration (myself included) over this bug.

As a developer, the ability to debug is everything. As a result of this simple bug, the time required to debug has increased exponentially.

Fortunately, this bug appears to have been fixed in Chrome Canary Version 81.0.4001.2. Even many of the developers I know do not use Canary because it can at times be unstable or introduce new features that seemingly get removed. So, until an update is released in the next couple of weeks, frustration will ensue for many.

All of this has just motivated me to consider moving back over to Firefox as my primary browser, given Google’s anti-ad stance and now a bug that should not have been introduced, I am driven by frustration.

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