How To Use/Enable The New Tab Groups Feature In Google Chrome 81

For years the people have been asking for tab groups in Chrome. While extensions do exist, they’re somewhat fickle. Now, tab groups are natively supported in Google Chrome itself. While the feature is rolling out in Google Chrome 81, if you’re like me, you’re running Chrome 81 and the feature isn’t on for you yet.

If you right-click on a tab and can’t see the new tab group options, you need to enable it. To visit the flags screen, open a new tab and visit: chrome://flags/ – in the search input, enter groups.

Enable it and then relaunch Chrome. Right clicking on a tab should give you some new options for tab groups.

It really is that easy. And then you can name your groups or choose from a few colours to distinguish them in the UI. While the new feature is great, it still feels like it needs a bit more polish before it’ll be a nice to use feature.

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