January Side Project #2: tempfile.cloud

I know, I said another side project would be coming in February, but I have created another quick little Aurelia side project for January.

Introducing tempfile.cloud a temporary file storage service using Aurelia, Node.js and Amazon S3.

I find most free temporary file services are horrible, the limits are too small and they’re littered with inappropriate ads and pop up windows that tell you that your machine is infected.

I wanted a simple way to share files that didn’t require Dropbox or a dodgy third party service. The site does have ads, but only two of them in the sidebar (quite unobtrusive).

This was surprisingly easy to build, most of the time was spent making it look somewhat okay on the eyes. I am not a designer, though.

Well, that’s it for January side projects, now until February.

5 responses to “January Side Project #2: tempfile.cloud”

  1. allen joslin says:

    Pretty cool, needs a space before the url of the uploaded item. Will you be github-ing the source (after stripping it of keys)? Thanks for your work, always appreciated! Al;

  2. Dwayne says:


    Thanks buddy. I’ll be open sourcing it shortly, definitely. I think the more Aurelia projects out there, the better.

  3. Rob Bohn says:

    Awesome – nice simple user interface. Hopefully you don’t get hit with a lot of storage fees from AWS!

    Looking forward to the code – I might implement it on one of my home servers…

  4. John Mooney says:

    Hi Dwayne,

    Is there any chance of you sharing your code for these little Aurelia projects you do. I think it would be most useful for those of us learning Aurelia.


  5. Peter says:

    When’s the next update for the book?

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