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Over two years ago (wow, has it really been that long?) I launched builtwithaurelia a showcase of Aurelia applications and community created offerings for the Aurelia Javascript framework.

When I launched I didn’t open source it because I didn’t want the pressure of having to put out something clean and perfect. I hacked this thing together quite quickly and over time slowly grew it to what it is now (sort of complete).

The Aurelia team are hard at work on vNext of Aurelia, soon to be the latest and greatest version of the Aurelia framework. As part of Aurelia 2.0, the team wanted real applications they could test against to ensure no breaking changes would be made.

I made the suggestion in the core team chat that I would open source Built With Aurelia and sure enough, two weeks later I did just that. The cool thing about this app is not the fact it’ll help prevent breaking changes and bug regressions, it’s another learning point for anyone wanting to build Aurelia applications.

The application is comprised of:

  • Aurelia Store for state management
  • Aurelia Validation for validation
  • Aurelia server-side rendering (from within a Firebase cloud function)
  • Hosted on Firebase and uses Real-time database for data

At present, there are no tests and the codebase is still messy, but over the next few weeks now that it is public I will be overhauling parts of the app (some two years old) and making it nicer to look at. I will also be writing tests for this as well.

I am glad I can share it with everyone and it’s MIT licenced, so go to town if you want to use it as a starting point for any Aurelia applications you want to build.

The code is on Github here: – please feel free to submit pull requests.

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